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Pyo - Block B by ViviMaslow
Pyo - Block B
I just can't stop drawing! 
When I finished the drawing, I looked at it and I was like "Oh, he looks too serious... he's not like that" and then I came up with this idea lol. It was fun drawing him! I painted it with water color, it was hard, but I like the results! Hope you guys like it too! Please, follow me on twitter for more drawings @ivianakaterina 

P.S. I've been drawing a lot these days since I've got a lot of free time o-o

Mino - WINNER by ViviMaslow
I just want to say that I love him haha.
Please, ignore my finger and the failed drawing of smiling Mino -Guess he's too perfect to be drawn (?) jk-
Hope you guys like it! 
Zico from Block B by ViviMaslow
Zico from Block B
So yeah, lately I've been kind of obsessed with this korean band. I've never been into korean music but... well, people change, I guess. This talented rapper is the leader of Block B. 
My favorite mixtape of him is "Battle Royal". You should totally listen to it, the lyrics of that song are... touching.
And my favorite Block B song is "Nillili Mambo". It's just epic! Listen to it too!

That's it, hope you guys like it! 

Twitter: @ivianakaterina 
Instagram: monabefinn
Quiet place (Black and White Painting) by ViviMaslow
Quiet place (Black and White Painting)
It's finished! This is actually one of my favorite paintings I've made. -I mean, I've only made four, but still!- While painting, I used to listen to quiet soundtrackas or piano solos, which is why I enjoyed painting it so much!
Hope you guys like it! If you have INSTAGRAM, please follow me: monabefinn
;) Bye


ViviMaslow's Profile Picture
Ich heiße Viviana
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
My name is Viviana and I like drawing. Follow me on twitter as "ivianakaterina".


Spanish: Mother language.
English: Advanced.
German: Pre-Intermediate.
Japanese: Elementary.

Wow, it's been a while! Let me tell you what I've been doing all this time...

After I FINALLY finished my essay, I had holidays! Almost one entire month to do NOTHING! First week I literally did nothing because I was so tired to even go out and eat something. Anyway, one week later, I went on vacation with two friends to the south of my country! It was so beautiful! I love that part of my country and I would go a thousand times if I could. If we skip the part when I ran out of money, and I got sick and vomited in the bus... it was quite a good trip.
((Seriously, the last day I got really sick and I couldn't eat anything, because I vomited it all! So disgusting and annoying for my friends! Maybe I ate too much fast food -let's not blame the alcohol-))

HOWEVER, the trip was really good, and we stayed for five days. After that, I came back to my hometown feeling like crap, vomiting everything and not eating a thing for three days or so. Yes, those were such nice days! I had just one more week left of my precious vacations, and I used that week to do good things in my life! I read two books by Haruki Murakami -such a great writer, btw- I made one painting -which I already uploaded here- and tried to eat healthier -hahahahaha, good one, Vivi-

But as everything in life, good things are not forever. Yup, I started a new semester at University! AND GUESS WHAT! Now I have three subjects in German. German tongue, German literature and German culture! YES HOW FUN! -Actually, it's very interesting, but it's also very tiring! I have to speak in German five days a week! And I have a teacher who is not very nice when someone make a mistake! And let's not forget the fact that German is difficult as hell!-

I have latin and greek classes! I was very excited about that, but the professor is some sort of boring little twat who speaks like if he was dying! Seriously, the subject is so freaking interesting, but THE PROFESSOR RUINED IT ALL! That makes me so sad ;A;

The thing is that this is just the third week of this semester and I'm so fucking tired! I'm always so tired! And the worst thing is that lately I've been having this pain in my breasts that sometimes doesn't let me breath easily -yes, I'm fucked up- And for example, today I just had two classes -which are nothing compared to mondays or wednesdays, those days I have four looong classes- and when I arrived home I died for a moment in my bed. Well... for "a moment" which it was more than two hours. Yes. And I still have some homework to do... for tomorrow.

The only good thing about these weeks is that my Japanese lessons are still fun and my teacher is still really cute.

And I couldn't take italian lessons because the class was full! I hate other people! I deserve to learn italian! I know that some italian man is waiting for me! I HAVE TO SPEAK ITALIAN, FOR GOD'S SAKE! -Okay, I'm too tired to be serious, but I really wanna learn italian haha- 

That's all I have to say. I hope you guys are better than me. And remember, my native language is spanish, so sorry for any grammar mistake, you grammar nazis. 
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Yann Tiersen
  • Reading: Anne Frank diary
  • Watching: Fairy Tail
  • Drinking: Tea

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